Series 2 Ep1 - Martin coming to Sweden


Fluently Swenglish, Series 2 - Meeting the Expats... Everyone has a voice. Everyone has experiences, thoughts, dreams, hopes even fears. We also all have a story to tell. Story telling is the oldest form of communication, a lot older than painting or the written word. Stories have been passed down 10’s of thousands  of years through generations and cultures.  Our stories from those experiences, thoughts, dreams, hopes and fears are just like our fingerprints — they are our own. We love hearing a good story, so this is why Martin one of the hosts of the podcast Fluently Swenglish is talking with Expats living here in Sweden to find their story. Why and how they came to Sweden, also their opinions of the country. In this new Series of episodes Martin starts off the series by telling his own story of how he came to Sweden in 1985. Travelling 5,000 kilometres across the Mediterranean Sea, through 8 European countries, taking 6 days and nights with only 25 US Dollars in his pocket.