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April 14, 2020  

Sitting down with John Rouse…

April 14, 2020

My guest this week has a list of qualifications as long as my arm to be the perfect guest on Fluently Swenglish… Those qualifications include being an English teacher, a scholar of religious education, a devoted husband, father to three teenage girls and a self-confessed poker shark…This gentlemen also has another member of the family that plays an important part of his somewhat Swenglish life style here in Malmö. A trusty four legged friend receives a long walk every evening so he can listen to the Uk’s longest running radio soap opera on BBC Radio 4… The Archers. 

Mr John Rouse Esq, has lived in Malmö near on 20 years now, moving here from the hustle and bustle of U.K.'s capital city London, the contrast couldn't be more apparent but life in Malmo suits John perfectly. Another reason I felt the urge to have John on my podcast was because we had a similar upbringing, we were both brought up in military families and lived a childhood un-like many others might of experienced.

 I find him an encyclopaedia of knowledge but most of all I admire John’s ability to tell a great story, everyone knows I have a soft spot for a good storyteller. This fact was proven when I asked them who he would most like to have as a lunch guest, after a short silence John told me of a relative of a relative he had back a few 100 years ago. This ancestor was the keeper of a library somewhere in England, I thought that was a great story then he impressed me even more on explaining this ancestral scholar had refused to loan a book to the king of England.